Business Data

Say yes to revenue analytics, sales reports and account management tools. Your merchants will love you for it.

A suite of powerful Intelligence applications

Our suite of Business Data and Intelligence tools will help your merchants manage their accounts and access revenue-optimizing reports, resulting in improved efficiency and business performance.



Analyze revenue fluctuations, key metrics and customer retention.



View monthly credit card transaction statements in one, easy-to-navigate location.



Help customers organize, review and manage chargebacks.


Daily Funding

Access settlements, review incoming funds, and establish batching schedules.

iMobile3 Business Data - Analytics

How Does the Analytics Application Work?

For payment providers, our platform integrates directly with your settlement reports. The software extracts important insights on how your merchants’ businesses are performing.

We publish these findings in the same portal that your clients use to manage their merchant accounts, digital marketing activities and card transactions, thus eliminating the need for multiple credentials, web properties and support numbers, increasing value to your merchants.

Customize your merchant portal and account management tools

We work with our acquiring partners and processors to gather, collate and display important merchant account data. Our partners can also customize which Intelligence applications and capabilities to offer their merchants.

iMobile3 Portal Customization

Give your merchant portal a facelift with cost-saving and value-driving intelligence tools. Help merchants succeed with enhanced reporting and streamlined account management. Contact a Product Specialist to learn more.