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To be successful in today’s digital world, business owners have to be experts in all forms of social media, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

Know your customers

Businesses spend a fortune on non-integrated solutions that interfere with time and financial resources. iMobile3 offers an affordable solution to your digital marketing problems. Available to merchant acquirers and other business service providers, our platform is custom branded so that any organization can easily add it to their existing offering.

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Monitors transaction data so businesses can make smarter decisions.

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Give merchants the ability to make sure they are correctly listed on popular search engines.

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Businesses can see what customers are saying about them across the most popular review sites on the web.

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Social Media

Merchants can now utilize social media to engage and grow their customer base.

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Website Analytics

Give merchants the ability to analyze their web traffic, security, mobile compatibility and more.

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Give merchants the power to execute outbound marketing campaigns via Email or Facebook.

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How Does the Insights Module Work?

For payment providers, our platform integrates directly with your settlement reports. The software extracts important insights on how your customers’ businesses are performing.

We publish these findings in the same portal that your clients use to manage their other digital marketing activities, thus eliminating the need for multiple credentials, web properties and support phone numbers, increasing value to the merchant.

Getting Started is Easy

Every client will receive their very own Digital Brand IQ score to illustrate the effectiveness of their existing marketing efforts.

The business can then view their information appears on popular search engines, see what customers are saying about them on review sites, connect their social media accounts, and just like that, they have the digital blueprint needed to succeed.

Businesses can also upload customer lists and manage all of their email marketing campaigns from this one platform.

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We know merchant acquirers and business solution providers are always looking for value-added solutions to add to their offering. To give your customers the ability to promote, sell and analyze like never before, speak to one of our Product Specialists today.

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