Digital Marketing

To be successful in today’s digital world, merchants have to be online marketing gurus.

Engagement tools connecting merchants and customers

Businesses spend a fortune on non-integrated solutions that impact their time and financial resources. Our suite of digital marketing and engagement tools will help you add value for your clients, reduce merchant attrition, and grow your bottom line.

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Give merchants the ability to make sure they are correctly listed on popular search engines.

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Businesses can see what customers are saying about them across the most popular review sites on the web.

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Social Media

Merchants can now utilize social media to engage and grow their customer base.

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Website Analytics

Give merchants the ability to analyze their web traffic, security, mobile compatibility and more.

iMobile3 Digital Marketing

The Digital Brand IQ

Every business that is enrolled in the digital marketing platform will receive a Digital Brand IQ score.

The Brand IQ is a snapshot of how well that business is performing in today’s digital media. The score is aggregated by combining performance metrics from their Search Listings, Reputation and Reviews, Social Media presence, and their Website Analytics.

Getting Started

iMobile3’s digital marketing tools are available to acquirers in two ways: as a stand-alone suite of value-added services or through our Marketplace portal. Both options are white-labeled to meet our partners’ branding guidelines.

No matter the path you choose to get started, iMobile3 will work with you to help launch these awesome tools to your portfolio. Once your merchants log-on to this tool, we’re confident they will realize the value from the day one.

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We know merchant acquirers are always looking for value-added solutions to add to their offering. Help your merchants acquire and retain customers, improve customer interactions and respond to local competition by speaking to one of our Product Specialist today.