Beyond Smartphones – Comscore Data Shows iOS & Android Device Reach

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Comscore put up some interesting data on Tuesday, comparing the penetration of iOS & Android powered devices. The results were surprising. Of the 234,000,000 mobile subscribers in the US, the iOS platform is being used by 16.2% of them. Android powers the devices of 10.2%.

This data provides a bit of context to the phone vs phone debate about who has more market share. While device market share is an important statistic, overall ecosystem penetration is where the larger story can be found for developers and businesses interested in mobile apps.

Regarding the iPad, the data also seems to dispel some of the “fanboy” argument – that iPad owners have an affinity to other Apple products. Among iPad owners, the majority owned a smartphone made by another OEMs.

“While Apple is indeed the most heavily represented OEM among iPad owners, its OEM share (27.3 percent) is only slightly higher than its share among all smartphone subscribers (25.2 percent). RIM accounts for the second highest percentage of iPad owners at 17.5 percent, but this number is well below its overall smartphone market share of 28.9 percent. Meanwhile, Samsung, LG and Nokia are all significantly overrepresented among iPad owners as compared to their respective shares of the smartphone market. In addition, 14.2 percent of iPad users had Android phones.”

You can read the full report here.