Apple’s iPad dominating tablet traffic

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The revolution in mobile computing has directed many internet surfers to use lightweight portable devices, such as tablets and smartphones, as their method of browsing the internet. In a recent study for non-computer internet browsing, ComScore announced that Apple’s iPad accounted for 89% of world wide tablet traffic in May, easily besting android based tablets and other slates. (Non-computer means anything besides a laptop, Netbook, or desktop.)

In the U.S., the iPad represented 21.8% of all non-computer traffic, while Android accounted for over 0.6%. The main factor in numbers should be credited to Apple’s 25 million iPads sold since their debut in 2010. This gave the iPad the edge as they held 87% market share in 2010, according to research firm IDC. But Gartner said it believes the iPad will own a decreased 68.7% of the market in 2011, where Android devices will only have 19.9% share this year.

According to ComScore, 91.9% of iPad page views came through Wi-Fi access, compared with 8.1% over mobile networks. On the other hand, 65.2% of Android tablet page views came through Wi-Fi access, while 34.8% were over mobile networks.

Source: CNET

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