App Launch: Landstar

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Landstar operates a highly time-sensitive load brokerage system for truck drivers that facilitates the pickup and delivery of goods across North America. Being on the road for large amounts of time and away from desktop computers and web browsers, drivers needed an easy way to search for new loads to pick up while en route to a destination and to inform their agencies of their load status while traveling. Landstar needed a multi-platform set of applications that allowed drivers and agents to connect to their online loads database and status update systems.

iMobile3 worked with Landstar personnel to form the underlying set of services the mobile apps would require and designed all three applications (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7) based on existing online service offerings. Our team developed the overall architecture of each app including a simple and cross-platform session-based authentication mechanism, direction on Landstar’s JSON-based web service layer, as well as overall user experience guidance on the best ways to reflect current functionality in a mobile application.

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