How Instagram is fueling Web design

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Instagram is proving to be a shining star for brands to tie together mobile and social marketing efforts. Companies such as Taco Bell, Urban Outfitters and Chobani are tapping into this opportunity to make Instagram content prominent on their Web sites.

According to experts, the key to leveraging Instagram into a Web site is to incorporate user-generated content that comes from a brand’s most loyal fans. As marketers increasingly think about developing online content for mobile-first, mobile-only social sites such as Instagram play a powerful role for marketers.

“Best-in-class brands are tapping Instagram to fuel content for their other social, digital and even traditional channels,” said Amanda Williams, senior manager of social strategy at Resource, Columbus, OH.

“The touch point has done the same thing for brands visually enhancing products and brand experiences, but brands who are most successfully using Instagram aren’t limiting themselves to publishing brand created content within the app – they are sourcing user-generated content that showcases their brand and leveraging it beyond social by incorporating this content into digital and traditional channels,” she said.

“These platforms that are native to mobile force brands to create more genuine, real-time content that we’ve seen can be much more relevant to users.”

Lead by example
Mobile is quickly becoming the go-to platform for consumers to upload and share photo content, which gives marketers the opportunity to connect with consumers in deeper ways.

However, Instagram was founded as a platform for consumers to view photos from their friends and family members. It was not until Instagram amassed a large group of users that marketers began to catch on.

Therefore, it is important for marketers to look at the user behavior on Instagram to make themselves a natural place to talk to consumers.

From there, brands can build on the emotions and content that consumers are already sharing and incorporate it into their Web sites and digital marketing efforts.

Mobile and social continue to grow in scale. However, Web is still king in reaching the most users digitally.

Given the engagement that social media can trigger, smart brands should be looking at how to weave their Instagram content directly into their Web sites.

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