Is bigger better? Mobile marketers right-size their efforts

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Larger format mobile ads have taken off in the past six months, pointing to growing mobile use, bigger commitments from brands and increasing creativity in mobile ad placement.

Mobile advertising platforms are reporting a significant growth for 480X320 mobile ads compared with smaller 320X250 ads units that started happening at the end of 2012 and into the beginning of 2013. This development is happening as mobile is attracting bigger budgets and more marketers intent on making an impact with smartphone users.

“It is not an accident that Facebook increased the size of content in its news feed as it focused on integrated advertising into that experience,” said Paul Gelb, head of strategy at MoPub.

Smartphones“In Q1 2013, the CTR of 480X320 ads were almost 10X the CTR of smaller standard 320X250 ad units,” he said. “CPM increased 161.8 percent and ad spend share increased 214.7 percent for 480X320 impressions.

“Larger ads were better at capturing attention and were leveraged effectively in turn based games.”

Demand grows
The small screen size of smartphones is one of the biggest challenges marketers face with mobile advertising. Coupled with the fact that users are often engaging with their devices on the go only increases the need for mobile ads to grab a user’s attention for it to be effective.

To date, much of mobile advertising has consisted of traditional desktop banner ads that have been shrunk down to fit on a mobile screen.

Not surprisingly, the engagement rates have been low.

Human Demand, which provides a self-serve mobile ad delivery platform, reports that demand for larger ad formats is increasing.

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