Mobile’s role in lead generation grows as conversions blow past 25 percent

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Mobile presents a unique set of challenges for marketers looking to generate online leads, but also a growing opportunity for those who get it right, with sales conversions averaging more than 25 percent in some cases.

Insurance companies, cable television providers and other marketers that heavily use online lead generation campaigns are experiencing an increase in the amount of traffic from mobile devices. However, most are still in the early stages of figuring out how to optimize their efforts for mobile users.

“Mobile is becoming increasingly important for lead generation as consumers turn more and more to their mobile phones to search for services and view a greater share of media,” said John Busby, senior vice president of the Marchex Institute, Seattle, WA. “It’s also changing.

“Consumers are much more likely to make a phone call from their smartphones than fill out a form for a number of reasons – smartphones can be clunky for form-fills,” he said. “And it’s a phone, after all.

“Smartphone consumers also have a greater sense of urgency from their searches. Google has recently presented research that most conversions happen within an hour, and we’ve seen a similar phenomenon in our own data.”

Mobile conversions
Mobile has not solved for some of the challenges in the lead generation or call generation space, such as spam or fraud. In some cases, more than 90 percent of actions are without purchase intent.

There have also been examples of fake phone calls designed to seem like true prospects.

However, for campaigns that can address these issues effectively, the results from mobile are impressive.

“For campaigns that have effective ways to identify and filter out spam, fraud, and other low-intent actions, the mobile consumer is very likely to convert,” Mr. Busby said.

“Our data show that campaigns convert into appointments at a 50 percent rate and average conversions (sales) average more than 25 percent,” he said.

“We’ve seen this with local categories, such as exterminators or plumbers, and national campaigns for categories such as cable & satellite TV providers, travel or storage.”

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