Mobile changes one-on-one marketing: ePrize exec

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NEW YORK – An ePrize executive at the Luxury Roundtable: State of Luxury 2013 conference said that mobile changes the old paradigms that marketers have used to establish one-on-one marketing.

During the “Changing the Way Brands Interact with Consumers” session, the executive spoke about how the advent of devices has caused the path to purchase to be unlinear nowadays. Additionally, the session presented a look at some of the challenges that brands face with digital.

“Personal access is the thing that is really changing, and quite frankly what’s changing is this device that you get to carry with you that tells you where your location is and exactly who you are,” said Matt Wise, CEO of ePrize, Pleasant Drive, MI.

“When we say one-to-one marketing, we don’t really mean it because the models and the paradigms that are we have used for the past ten years are very similar to the old paradigms, which have been able to target a little bit better than the Internet,” he said.

“The mobile phone changes all that.”


The Luxury Roundtable: State of Luxury 2013 conference was organized by Luxury Daily.

The session was sponsored by ePrize.

New devices
Ad spend in the digital space is growing tremendously year-over-year.

Forrester Research projects social spend to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 26 percent year over-year. Mobile spend will increase even more with a CAGR of 38 percent from 2011 – 2016.

When it comes to what consumers are doing on their mobile devices, texting and accessing social media are the top two uses, according to data from Nielsen.

This means that there is not a linear path to purchase anymore, and brands must have a presence across all devices and platforms to compete.

Mr. Wise said that often times the promotions that ePrize’s clients run begin on mobile devices first.

Location greatly affects how marketers talk to consumers, according to Mr. Wise.

Therefore, brands should marry content and context in their promotions.

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