Apple Introduces WWDC 2013 App — A Hint at the Future of iOS?

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Apple just released its 2013 WWDC app to help attendees navigate the many labs, sessions, and special events at its developer conference this year. With so much furor around the reported flat redesign of iOS, it’s possible this app could hint at what to expect from iOS 7 next week, at least in terms of design.

The app features simple black text over a white background and nary a gradient or texture in sight. The app icon is perhaps the biggest change from Apple’s current mobile app lineup. It’s far more simply designed than Apple app icons like Keynote or the Apple Store app.

Back in March, Apple also updated its skeumorphism-tastic Podcasts app with a flatter design.

In the past, the WWDC has indicated design directions Apple is taking with iOS that year. And while you won’t see too many differences if you compare the WWDC 2013 app to past versions, you will pick up on a few, including bright colors and more highly readable text — both hallmarks of so-called flat design. Like we’ve come to expect from Apple, the changes are iterative and not drastic, but they’re there.

If you’re attending WWDC, or just want to keep along, you can grab the free app from the App Store.

Original article from, by Christina Bonnington.