How iOS 7 Will Look on the iPad

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Although the iPad and the iPad mini were largely left out of any announcements made at Apple’s big Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this week, the company has posted pictures of the new iOS 7 software running on its tablet devices.

iOS 7 — which will debut this fall — was only unveiled for the iPhone, leaving many wondering when the update to the mobile operating system and all of its new features would come to the iPad.

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Tech website iGen — and later spotted by 9to5 Mac — spotted that Apple updated its iOS 7 features page to include small pictures of how it would look on the iPad or iPad mini.

The new design of the apps is apparent on first glance, as well as a new standard wallpaper, but there aren’t any major surprises. The company hasn’t said when the software will launch on either iPad device.

With little indication of what the operating system will look like on the larger screen of the tablet, German site has posted some photos obtained via an iOS 7 iPad simulator in Xcode 5, which demonstrate how several apps will look on an iPad running the new OS. Unsurprisingly, iOS 7 on the iPad looks much like it does on the iPhone. Simulated images from can be found here.

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