Google Further Integrates Gmail, Calendar, Google+ Into Search

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Google is rolling out an updated Search function that allows users to “just ask Google.” The company on Wednesday announced that it was integrating data from Gmail, Google Calendar and Google+ into its search engine so users don’t have to go looking through different apps and services to find the information they want. For example, users could simply ask Google’s search engine what time their flight is or what day their friend’s party is on and it will give them the information in their search results. Other time-savers include restaurant or hotel reservations, purchases, upcoming plans, and photos uploaded to Google+. Just ask Google to “Show me my photos from Thailand” or “my photos of sunsets,” and the service will automatically recognize the type of image you’re looking for. Google says it will “be rolling this out to all U.S., English-speaking users on desktop, tablet and smartphone, with voice search” over the next few days.