HTC Launches One Max Smartphone with Fingerprint Sensor

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HTC today unveiled its newest device, the HTC One max, a 5.9-inch smartphone that includes a dedicated fingerprint sensor. Unlike the convenient home button location of the fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5s, the One max’s sensor is located on the back of the device, near the camera.

The sensor is activated via a swipe and can be programmed to recognize three different fingers. Each finger can be tied to a different function, allowing quick access to frequently used apps. One finger, for example, can unlock the phone, while another might open up the camera.

While that sounds useful in theory, reviews of the HTC One max have likened its fingerprint sensor to little more than a gimmick. While the iPhone 5s received rave reviews for the Touch ID’s utility and ease of use, the One max fingerprint sensor appears to be less functional due to its location and the need to wake the phone from sleep before use. However, the max definitely puts HTC on the leaderboard of massive high-end phones (the 6.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Mega’s mediocre specs keep it from making the cut).

The HTC One max will be the first device to ship with Sense 5.5, a new version of the company’s Android “skin,” which includes features such as the Flipboard-like BlinkFeed and automatically generated video slideshows of events. The new Sense is equipped with additional gesture support, letting users flip through screens easily with one finger — a key part of the UI in a large-screen device.

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