Google Wallet Now Comes With a Debit Card

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Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Google’s payments solution known as Google Wallet will let people use debit cards connected to their accounts. It can be used like any normal debit card by withdrawing money from an ATM or purchasing items from a brick and mortar store.

To access the card’s balance at retail and ATM locations, you simply use the same pin code that you already use with your Google Wallet account.

The debit card’s seamless integration with Google Wallet allows access to the cash in your bank account and funds in your Wallet account sent by friends. This integration also includes notifications on your phone after spending money using the card.

According to a report in Businessweek earlier this year, the company has spent around $300 million on the development of Google Wallet, but so far the product has failed to gain the same popularity as some of the company’s other non-search-oriented products such as Gmail and YouTube.

This new push to introduce a debit card feature could boost the Google Wallet user base. Original article from