Apple Pay Enabled Mobile Ordering

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PassMarket is Apple Pay Enabled

It’s been over a week since the announcement of Apple Pay, yet the excitement surrounding the new payment service has only increased. There is still some confusion, however, about how merchants can best take advantage of the exciting new capabilities provided by PassMarket’s integration with Apple Pay. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight one particularly innovative PassMarket capability – Apple Pay Enabled Mobile Ordering. The entire process can be divided into four steps: A customer places a mobile order, the payment is authorized, the order is received by the merchant, the customer receives a receipt.

Mobile Order Placed

PassMarket mobile storefront applications allow customers the opportunity to order ahead by placing a mobile order. When ready to check out, the customer can initiate the transaction by simply tapping on the Apple Pay “Pay Now” button and placing a finger on Touch ID.

This is where one of the advantages of Apple Pay becomes readily apparent. In the past, when transacting for the first time, customers would have to undertake the laborious process of typing in their credit card details using the on-screen keyboard, a process that has been linked to increased rates of shopping cart abandonment. With PassMarket’s Apple Pay integration, a customer has two time saving options. The customer can tell Apple Pay to use the card information linked to the customer’s iTunes account or simply take a snapshot of a credit card the customer wants to use for this purpose. This greatly simplifies the process and takes away many of the pain-points associated with previous solutions. Once added, the card can be used for future secure transactions. The payment is then sent securely to PassMarket.

Payment Authorized

When a mobile order is placed, PassMarket sends the encrypted payment information to the appropriate payment provider for the merchant. This frees the merchant from having to worry about many mobile payment-related issues. For example, the merchant doesn’t have to deal with card-on-file concerns or about becoming a payment aggregator. Because the transaction occurs through Apple Pay, the associated burdens are shifted away from the merchant allowing the merchant to concentrate on what they do best instead of worrying about complex financial security and technological issues.

Order Received

Upon successful payment processing, PassMarket routes the order to the merchant to alert them that a customer is on their way. Merchants will receive order notifications in several ways. In an integrated deployment, where PassMarket has been integrated with the merchant’s POS, the order will be sent directly to the POS. In a stand-alone deployment, where PassMarket has not been integrated with the merchant’s POS, the order will be displayed in the PassMarket Merchant App. PassMarket can also send an automated call to the merchant to alert them that an order has been placed and to confirm that the merchant has received the order.

In an integrated deployment, PassMarket can take advantage of the POS integration to provide merchants with additional valuable functionality. For example, when deployed in conjunction with NCR Silver, PassMarket can incorporate inventory data through Silver to ensure that items or products that are out of stock do not appear as available options to customers.

In either deployment type, PassMarket’s order status system enables merchants to update the status of an order when the order is received, confirmed, in-preparation, prepared, and ready for pick-up. This allows the merchant to monitor how busy the kitchen is to ensure smooth operations and to provide customers with increased convenience by notifying them when their orders are accepted and ready for pick-up.

Receipt Delivered

After successful payment and merchant confirmation, PassMarket will send a receipt to the customer. Customers will be able to receive these digital receipts through push notifications or email. Digital receipts provide customers with additional convenience, as they are very easy to store and organize unlike their paper versions. They also provide merchants with an additional opportunity to communicate with customers. PassMarket enables merchants to include promotional messages in their digital receipt emails, which a merchant can use to promote relevant offers or prompt customers to provide feedback.

PassMarket’s Apple Pay enabled mobile ordering is a revolutionary opportunity for merchants to take advantage of the latest developments in mobile payment. To find out more, contact a specialist today!