The Basics of Creating a Loyalty Application

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Basics of Creating a Loyalty App

You know that nagging feeling you’ve forgotten something important? If you’re a small business owner that something is probably your loyalty program. Throwing these programs together after the fact is common—and that’s an enormous missed opportunity. With the upsurge in smartphone use-the average American is participating in 15 loyalty programs-one thing is certain: it’s time for loyalty programs to go mobile. Research from Banyan Branch and VIPdesk shows one in four loyalty program members prefer mobile access, and The Yankee Group says 47% of consumers would choose to shop at a store that offered mobile loyalty programs.

Savvy retailers and restauranteurs are using mobile apps to bring their loyalty programs back in line with their other marketing channels. Some, like Starbucks, are seeing tremendous success. Business Insider recently estimated the company generated $1 billion in revenue from smartphone transactions in 2013. The Starbucks mobile app includes a loyalty program that customers have “embraced,” according to a Starbucks spokeswoman who spoke with Computerworld.

There are some critical things to keep in mind when revamping your loyalty program to go mobile:

Get into consumer mobile wallets

There’s no need to create your own app. iMobile3’s PassMarket gives retailers of all sizes the tools to put their loyalty program into all the leading mobile wallets (Apple Passbook, Samsung Wallet, Google Wallet, and Softcard Wallet).

Keep it simple

Make it easy for customers to try the program, join it, and use it.

Keep it real

Real time, that is. Take full advantage of the real-time messaging and geo-targeting capabilities mobile apps offer to put discounts in front of customers exactly when they need them.

Be data driven.

Use the data you collect from your campaigns to inform your marketing decisions. For example, you might offer the highest discounts to your most profitable customers.

Capitalize on perceived value

Look for ways to please customers at a lower cost to you. For example, Starwood’s Preferred Guest program offers rewards for personal leisure trips, which generally take place during low-occupancy periods.

Ease their pain

Find ways to alleviate the things customers hate most about shopping and dining, and your loyalty will go through the roof. Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping is a perfect example of this.


Allow customers to do more than just receive loyalty points in your app. Integrate online ordering and mobile payments to further aid in creating the easiest possible experience.

If the prospect of a tightly integrated loyalty program excites you, it’s time to cut that reminder string off your finger and get started. Contact a PassMarket specialist today to learn more about how we can help create the perfect loyalty app for your business.

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