PassMarket Integrates with DTech’s All Star POS System

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PassMarket Integrates with All Star POS

Here at iMobile3, we pride ourselves on being able to integrate with any other technology our clients currently use, or want to use within their branded mobile storefront apps. This allows them to personalize their PassMarket powered app, and ensures the easiest possible experience for both them and their consumers. As a result, we get to work with and learn about many different online ordering platforms, reservation platforms, and point-of-sale system providers. When one of our clients brought us the POS provider, DTech, we were happy to integrate their system into the PassMarket powered application.

DTech works with clients at both quick serve restaurants like yogurt, ice cream, and coffee shops, as well as retail locations like health food, general merchandise, smoke shops, and bike stores. In order to serve the needs of both types of businesses, the DTech All-Star POS system has two different screens, one that caters to a quick serve location and one that is used for retail locations. Each of these screens comes with incredible customizability for the client, from menu items to the message printed on the bottom of customers’ receipts.

Besides ease of use, the POS system also provides a platform to perform transactions quickly and securely. DTech utilizes a highly efficient database to ensure a speedy payment experience for consumers and to keep lines to check out as short as possible. DTech’s technology is PCI compliant, meaning their All-Star POS protects consumers’ credit card information from being stolen and thus is able to prevent chargebacks. This comprehensive system runs on Windows 8, so it can be used on any device that supports that system, including any Windows tablet.

Currently, PassMarket works with DTech at a quick serve restaurant chain. With the help of the All-Star POS system, PassMarket receives data on customers and their transactions in order to create consumer profiles. Each time a customer goes into one of these restaurants, the POS system scans the QR code within the PassMarket powered mobile app, gives the customer their loyalty points, and records what was purchased. Through this integration, PassMarket is able to provide the restaurant with important information about their customers to aid in producing more powerful marketing campaigns.

While PassMarket works with many different POS systems, we are excited to support DTech’s technology and provide both our client and their customers with the best possible dining experience.  Click to learn more about DTech’s POS.

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