CimpleBox and PassMarket Integration

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Cimplebox & PassMarket

Recently, we joined forces with CimpleBox to provide a software platform that makes businesses smarter. CimpleBox is a cloud-based system that helps franchises run their businesses, from sales tracking and reporting, to marketing management, to employee training. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with any existing POS system or any other platforms your business may be currently utilizing.

One of the most important aspects of PassMarket’s integration with CimpleBox is that it allows business owners to view enterprise level reports that incorporate customer and operational data all in one place. Whether you want to look at the aggregated data for just one store location, or for your franchise as a whole, you can easily access that information through the PassMarket merchant portal. This enables you to view real-times sales and operational statistics, and make better business decisions based off this data. For example, you could see that Location A has poor online ordering engagement and their sales are lower as a result, whereas Location B has good online ordering stats but low loyalty program involvement, and all franchise locations are not selling enough of the new menu item. From this data, you are able to see what changes need to be made to specific stores and what changes need to be made business-wide.

By choosing to integrate CimpleBox with PassMarket, you also set up your franchise to create a more complete consumer profile. With both platforms gathering unique user information, you develop a more robust and useful database that includes data like what time of day a particular consumer prefers to come in, what their favorite order is, their spend-activity broken down by visit, month or lifetime-spend, as well as offer tracking so you know which offers they used and which they ignored. You also learn which platform they prefer to interact with your business on (mobile, web, in-store) and how engaged they are with your brand on social media.

Add all of this information together and you have set up your business to better engage with, and market to, your customers in a more personalized way. For example, let’s say your loyalty member, John, likes to come to your restaurant for lunch during the week, and also comes in for dinner on the weekends with his kids. He orders the same meal for lunch and always lets his kids get a cookie. He likes to order ahead using his mobile phone and has a high redemption rate of family-focused coupons.

Next, you have your customer Jane. She’s young and very engaged with social media, and even has quite a large following. She follows all of your social channels. She prefers to come in when there’s some kind of discount or coupon incentive, and she will always redeem whatever deal she receives.

With this information, CimpleBox and PassMarket will automatically separate John and Jane into separate marketing categories based on their different interests and needs. For example, John would receive family-friendly marketing messages, whereas Jane would be more likely to engage with an Instagram contest. If either John or Jane suddenly stopped coming to your restaurant, they would automatically be moved to the reengagement-marketing group and would be sent different messages to incentivize them to return.

In short, CimpleBox and PassMarket not only connect all relevant data to robust consumer profiles, but they also segment those consumer profiles and send out different, relevant marketing messages to each of the different segments. Most importantly though, this process is automated, saving you and your employees hours of analyzing data, separating consumers into segments, and sending out messages. CimpleBox and PassMarket together make creating personalized marketing campaigns easy, leading to more effective marketing for your business.

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