Gift Card Integration with PassMarket Apps

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PassMarket Now Offering Gift Cards

PassMarket powered apps now offer the capability to create, purchase, and send gift cards within each branded mobile storefront app. This exciting feature allows customers to earn loyalty points and pay for items in the store by simply using their phone. The cashier just has to scan the QR code for the gift card, and the customer automatically pays for their order and receives their loyalty points.

The process of creating these gift cards is exceptionally user friendly, requiring only a few easy steps. Once inside the branded mobile storefront application, users first tap “Add New Card.” From there they choose “New Card,” type in the amount they wish to put on the card, and tap “Buy.” To pay for the gift card, customers can either enter in their credit card information, or if they have an iPhone6 or iPhone 6 Plus, they are able to use Apple Pay to complete the transaction.

If a consumer purchases a physical gift card within the store, or is given one as a gift, they can also load the total value of that gift card into the app by tapping “Existing Card” on the “Add New Card” page. There, they simply type in the gift card number and a virtual copy of the card is created in the app.

Once the card is created, the user can choose to add the gift card to their Passbook or simply access it from the merchant’s PassMarket mobile storefront app. They also have the ability to send the purchased gift card to a friend by tapping “Share.” This allows them to send the total card amount in either an email or SMS.

This feature creates an easy way for customers to buy gift cards for their favorite stores whenever they please. Plus, it encourages customers to come back for repeat visits and spend the gift card, not to mention it can create new loyal customers out of their friends whom they sent a gift card to. Overall, the feature is a great way to promote the loyalty application and provide users with more opportunities to come into a store and use the app.

We’ll be writing more about gift card integration in the coming weeks, so keep a look out for posts about our partners and how to get your app set up with digital gift cards!

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