The Future of Coupon Magazines

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ReachUSA and Money Pages

Cincinnati, OH based ReachUSA and Jacksonville, FL based Money Pages Magazines are now fully integrated into PassMarket’s consumer engagement ecosystem. Both magazines have been extremely successful for years, with their print catalogs reaching over one million households. They currently offer their coupons digitally on their websites, and recently decided that they wanted to offer a mobile application for their customers as well. Their new and updated mobile applications offer the same coupons printed in their magazines, coming from more than 3,000 different merchants.

With improved integration for uploading coupons to their mobile apps, they no longer have to manually upload individual coupons. Instead, when ReachUSA and Money Pages create a new coupon for their websites, the coupon automatically appears in the apps as well. This increases efficiencies through a more streamlined process that doesn’t require any extra time from their staffs. This new system makes it easier than ever for coupon distributers to have up-to-date mobile apps, and ensures that their customers get the most recent and relevant coupons. In other words, this allows for greater capabilities for the consumer, without additional efforts for the merchants or magazines. Plus, ReachUSA and Money Pages are able to monetize the digital solutions as a new line item for their business.

More than just a solution for the magazines’ consumers, these coupon apps also offer merchants potential upgrades that can help them engage users. For example, merchants can choose to upgrade to include a loyalty program along with coupons for their business. So customers would be able to enter into the ReachUSA or Money Pages apps, redeem coupons, and earn loyalty points at the stores that have upgraded.  This provides merchants a great opportunity to boost customer engagement and redemption of their coupons.

These new and improved apps prove that successful print magazines can also dominate the digital sphere. Both ReachUSA and Money Pages have great user stats and are providing an important solution to consumers who rely more on their mobile phones.

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