iMobile3 Year-End Update

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JACKSONVILLE, FL – iMobile3 is fresh off a productive and exciting month in December 2015, engaging community members and drastically transforming its Jacksonville offices.

2015 - Year-End Review

iMobile3 is proud to announce funding support for the new, cutting edge University of North Florida iMobile3 Computer Lab. iMobile3 Chief Executive Officer, Bob Leonard, whose father was one of the founding professors at the University, said the lab will be equipped with state of the art Apple computers. In addition to the facility itself, students will have access to real world development efforts at iMobile3.

One of Jacksonville’s best kept secrets is the wealth of talented young minds that thrive at UNF. I feel a strong personal connection to the school, and iMobile3 wants to see these young men and women succeed. We plan to offer students a chance to work alongside our developers for hands-on experience while they’re still in school.

Bob Leonard, iMobile3 Chief Executive Officer

iMobile3 and the University of North Florida will host a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, February 2, at 7:00 p.m., on the University of North Florida campus.

Baycenter Rd Signage

iMobile3 also recently renovated the second floor of its Baycenter Road offices, making room for recently hired employees. With new signage along the south side of the iMobile3 offices, the company has a fresh face for 2016 and beyond.

Our Executive team recognized a need to expand and improve our current office space we focused these improvements with an eye towards supporting our clients: we’ve taken over entire wings of our current building in order to accommodate new developers, customer support staff, account management and deployment groups.

Bob Leonard, iMobile3 Chief Executive Officer

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