iMobile3 Funds Apple Computer Lab at UNF

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JACKSONVILLE, FL – Providing students with real world in depth experience has always been a passion for iMobile3 CEO Bob Leonard. On February 2, Mr. Leonard and iMobile3 furthered that passion by founding the iMobile3 Computer Lab and mobile application course at the University of North Florida’s School of Computing.

In partnership with Apple, iMobile3 donated thirty iMac desktop computers and thirty iPad Airs, bringing state-of-the-art hardware to the fingertips of some of Florida’s brightest young minds. “We’ve seen the talent that UNF brings to the local economy first hand, and we are thrilled to give back in a way that enhances the college technology experience for these amazing students,” Mr. Leonard said.

iMobile3 co-founder, Brian Gentry, said UNF has been one of the best kept secrets of technological talent for years: “The University of North Florida is such a great partner in the community, and many of our recent breakthroughs in professional services have come as a result of strong, qualified graduates who gain experience in settings like the iMobile3 Computer Lab.”

iMobile3 is also providing the mobile application class with technical staff from the company as guest lecturers, as well as real projects for students to participate in and gain experience. “The objective is for students to have a clear real-world perspective about what is happening in the industry, and to have an opportunity to interact with those doing it every day,” Mr. Leonard told UNF publications.

For more information about the UNF School of Computing, click HERE.

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