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Unknown is one of the payments industry’s top publications and sources for news and trends. A common element of PYMNTS’s content is their Tracker program. PYMNTS will take popular categories impacting the payments industry and publish monthly reports on the movers and shakers within that category. Last month, iMobile3’s POS platform was featured in the tracker and not surprisingly, scored pretty well.

According to the sourced content within the report, mobile point of sale is shaking up the industry in a big way. Jupiner Research also concluded that they believe 40% of all retail purchases will be made with a mPOS terminal or technology by 2021.

With the growing number of mPOS providers in the marketplace, the PYMNTS tracker splits the mPOS category into seven subcategories. iMobile3’s category, Core + Front and Back Office is designated for those providers that have a suite of solutions that enable an integrated core, front and back office solution.

Take a look for yourself by visiting’s mPOS Tracker section.

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