Apple Ahead of the Curve Again?

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As a company that produces applications for iOS, was an Apple Pay Day 1 partner, and a mobile technology consultant for many of our clients, it’s important for iMobile3 to stay close to the latest news that comes out of the tech giant. Same goes for Google.

But with the latest buzz surrounding Apple’s product updates with iOS 10, iPhone 7 (and 7 Plus) and the Apple Watch, it’s important to remember that time and time again Apple prefers to initiate change in behavior, rather than wait for that change to happen. With it’s latest announcement, this refers to their decision eliminate the headphone jack from their new iPhone 7 models.

We’ve all seen movies that take place in the future, right? In any of those futuristic movies, do you ever see a character communicating with traditional, wired headphones? Probably not and that’s because wireless audio is the way of the future. Headphone cords are somewhat of annoyance – they take up more space, get in the way when you are trying to multi-task, and can get tangled up.

But we all know aesthetics isn’t the only reason why Apple made this change. Don’t fix what isn’t broken, right? By eliminating the headphone jack, Apple is able to create a small market for peripheral devices in the form of their own wireless headphones and converters. The important part to note here is that with these converters, people who still don’t want to give up their old headphones or other peripherals that use a headphone jack, won’t need to.

With all that being said, Apple also announced some device and processing upgrades which create enhanced user-experience for commercial usage. The iPhone 7 will be a bit more durable, water resistant, and comes with a faster processor, all of which can help app developers and businesses employ more Apple products and devices.

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