iOS versus Android: The Adoption Wars

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Many of us have heard or experienced some bugs with Apple iOS 10. And we all know that, with time, Apple will get all of these things resolved and it looks like iOS users believe that as well. Thanks to Business Insider and Statista, these “bugs” have not impacted the percentage of iOS users updating to the new version relative to the percentage of Android users.

Business Insider’s Jeff Dunn wrote, “According to data from Mixpanel, more than 34% of iOS devices are already running the latest iOS update, and nearly 61% are running the next-most recent, which was released in September 2015.”

These numbers are pretty mind boggling when you consider Android’s latest version adoption – less than 0.1% have the latest version. The Android population is heavily fragmented across each of the last four versions.

Here is a chart that explains it all, courtesy of Business Insider and Statista:















This doesn’t mean one company is doing anything better than the other. If you think about it, this is emblematic of the two companies’ strategies. Apple prefers to keep things controlled and harmonious, while Android (Google) is more of an open, free-ranging universe.



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