Apple Pay Seeking World Domination

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In a recent quarterly financials call, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed tremendous growth metrics for Apple Pay. In September 2016 alone, Apple Pay has had more transactions than all of 2015 combined, with transactions rising 500% year over year.

The success is highly linked to Apple Pay’s expansion into other geographic regions. Apple Pay has recently been launched in Japan, Russia, New Zealand. Japan is no stranger to NFC or contactless payments, so adoption is very strong. Cook also mentioned that Spain is the next major country for Apple Pay.

Another reason for Apple Pay’s gains in adoption is it’s integration to Apple’s browser, Safari.  With this new integration, “hundreds of thousands of websites are bringing Apple Pay to their customers,” said Cook. So now, app developers aren’t the only teams able to integrate with the Apple Pay API, website developers and shopping cart providers are getting in on the action.


Source: Christopher Brown,

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