Let’s Talk About Google Pixel

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As everyone knows by now, Google has introduced Pixel, their own consumer-facing smart phone product. The launch is another chapter of Google’s expansion into hardware and fully controlled interfaces – the Nexus devices and Chromebook PC products are the others that come to mind.

The interesting thing about this endeavor is that Google already controls and owns every other portion of your mobile experience. Android is the most used mobile operating system in the world, the Google Store is extremely popular and many iPhone users have Google applications on their phones. What’s more, Pixel is being introduced at a time when one of (if not the biggest) Android hardware partners, Samsung, is experiencing major issues with its product line.

But let’s get down into the nitty gritty. The Pixel was created to eat into Apple’s iPhone share, thus continuing the war for mobile dominance. It’s high-end price point, look and design, camera specs and device features are all similar to the latest iPhone models. The big differentiator for Google, however, is Google Assistant, their latest personalized, voice-activated operating system.

Add Google Assistant to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa and it looks like voice-activation is here to stay – maybe even for Point of Sale and other business functions? If you haven’t read our recent blog post on voice-activated POS, you should (shameless plug!). We’re also interested in seeing if Google will soon introduce a Pixel tablet product – something that would undoubtedly impact the tablet point of sale industry.

All in all, Google Pixel looks like a true competitor to the iPhone. For years, Samsung’s Galaxy S-series was that front-line, anti-iPhone product. But, we think Google has upped the ante.


Source: David Pierce, WIRED.com


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