Samsung Pay Launches Samsung Rewards

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Earlier this week, Samsung announced that its popular mobile wallet service, Samsung Pay, will now be stacked with an incentive program, Samsung Rewards.

The new program is quite simple. Buy stuff with Samsung Pay and receive points. These points can be redeemed for gift cards, Samsung products, etc. The incentive program is also tiered – the more you use, the more you earn with different status levels awarded based on frequency.

The cool thing about this is consumers can now essentially double-dip on rewards points. By saving a points rewards card (like a Capital One, for example) as your primary Samsung Pay account, you earn points from both your card issuer and Samsung.

With Samsung, Apple, and Google all fighting for wallet share, we expect more of these kind of programs to roll out over the next couple of months or years. The timing for Samsung Rewards comes at a time when consumers are both wary of Samsung products due to their recent recall and preparing for a ferocious couple of months of Holiday shopping.



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