M-Commerce On the Rise this Holiday Season

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Consumers making purchases on their smartphones is commonplace nowadays. Thanks to applications introduced by Amazon and many other retailers, the m-commerce shopping experience is, for-the-most-part secure and easy-to-use. Tech companies like Google and Apple have also streamlined the m-commerce experience with their popular in-app wallets, Apple Pay and Android Pay. And it is finally starting to look like m-commerce is gaining traction in a big way this holiday season.

According to a recent report by CardNotPresent.com, m-commerce sales actually made a big impact on Black Friday. Total online sales are expected to hit $3.34 billion, up 22% from last year – and m-commerce is expected to account for $1.2 billion of that amount. That is an increase of 33% from 2015. Surprisingly enough, this data also may signal that Black Friday, not Cyber Monday may be the biggest digital shopping day of the year.

One other fact to note – on Thanksgiving Thursday and Black Friday, smartphones conversion rates increased to 2.4% up from 1.3% the following year. This increase gets m-commerce conversion closer to what we typically see with traditional e-commerce interfaces like tablets and desktop computers.

These figures show tremendous growth and opportunities for retailers and application developers. As consumers become more comfortable with in-app shopping and purchases, the need for further innovation and improved user-interfaces will only increase.


Source: http://cardnotpresent.com/u-s-m-commerce-transactions-surpass-1-billion-on-black-friday/

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