Uber Continues to Invest in A.I.

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Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has been one of the most popular R&D areas for many tech companies over the past couple decades. Even Hollywood has been alluding to A.I. taking over the world for some time now (kind of joking, but not really). And now we are finally at a point where A.I. is part of the daily news cycle. But the news may not be coming from the companies you would normally associate with robotics and traditional A.I. research. Most recently, Uber, the transportation tech giant, announced the creation of Uber AI Labs in San Francisco.

The formation of the project comes on the heels of Uber’s acquisition of AI research startup, Geometric Intelligence whose CEO, Gary Marcus, will be directing the AI Lab research. The Uber AI Labs will be exploring new ways to “move people and things in the real world”. Everything from self-driving vehicles, route optimization and robotic devices are on the table, according to a recent article in PYMNTS.com. We’ve all known Uber has been working on its self-driving car program for years, but this is taking that program to a new level.

Uber’s announcement came a week after a similar Amazon announcement regarding the launch of a new AI platform. With all of these tech giants jumping in on AI, it’s not surprising that the investment industry is keeping a close eye on the innovations that may be coming out of these labs. As a matter of fact, according to Digital Transactions, even the payments industry is making huge bets and investments in machine learning and natural language.

With more mobile application leaders investing in AI, one has to wonder – what does this mean for some of my favorite mobile and web applications? The answer is – drum roll, please – we don’t quite know just yet. Essentially, some of these innovations could lead to you authorizing or managing a source of AI from your fingertips through a mobile application. We would tend to believe that the AI experiments that Amazon and Uber are working on would deal with improving the delivery of their services and goods, but only time will tell.

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