Santa’s Mobile App Wish List

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Here at iMobile3, we’re in the business of building software solutions. To take it a step further, building customized mobile applications on behalf of large companies was the original service and promise our company was founded on. It’s in our DNA. That is why this time of year, we can’t help but think: If Santa could build his own mobile app, what features would he need?

Here are the top six features we’d build in Santa’s Mobile App

  1. Geolocation & Mapping System
    This one is pretty obvious. Santa would probably need an integrated map API that has every viable residence accounted for. To take it a step further, the map should be synced with the time zones so Santa can plan accordingly.
  2. Naughty or Nice List Accessibility
    Santa is getting pretty old and the population is getting bigger. Remembering every single child and whether they were naughty or nice has to be getting increasingly difficult. With this feature, Santa would be able to search a name or an address and see who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.
  3. Notifications To and From North Pole
    Logistically speaking, the job Santa does every December is a nightmare. It’s hard to do without any help. Santa would need an easy way to communicate with his elves in the North Pole. We’d likely build some voice automation and some functionality for a wearable component, like an Apple Watch.
  4. Reindeer Health & Sentiment Monitor
    Every manager has been there. We all wish we knew what our team was thinking, how they are feeling, and how motivated they are. Santa’s reindeer are so crucial to the operation, it’s worth adding a biometric feature that shows the reindeers’ vitals and sentiment.
  5. Santa Activity Tracker
    Let’s face it, Santa isn’t the healthiest of celebrities. I think Christmas is the only time of the year he is really active. Going to all those houses will burn a bunch of calories which is great. But we think Santa would want to know just how much of a workout he is getting. Not to mention, we would allow him to track his cookie and milk intake to ensure he is getting enough carbs to get the job done.
  6. Christmas Music Playlist
    No Santa app is final without some kind of music player. According to many studies, music helps motivate and excite people during many daily activities (getting ready, exercising, working, studying, etc.). Why wouldn’t we assume Santa operates by the same rules? Plus, there are so many songs dedicated to him and what he does every year – that has to be motivating, right?

So that’s it. That’s our list. Did we miss anything?


Also, from everyone at iMobile3, Happy Holidays!


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