iMobile3 Fantasy Football League: And our champion is…

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The iMobile3 Fantasy Football League is nasty business. It’s a true test of one’s perseverance and mental toughness. Like many other office leagues, it’s a four-month gauntlet, with constant lead changes and competitive banter. And in the end, only the mightiest can be crowned a champion.

And that mighty champion that will forever live in iMobile3 glory is none other than: Team No Romo. Team No Romo defeated runner-up Team Injured Reserve in a grueling two-week final match that ended in Week 17 of the regular season. What a match. What a season.

Thanks to all of our team members that competed for eternal glory in this year’s league. Below are the final standings.

  1. No Romo (Champion)
  2. Injured Reserve (Runner-up)
  3. Sponsored by Frontier
  4. Gurley Girl
  5. That’s What She Said
  6. The Marketing Department
  7. Zach Ertz
  8. Touchdowns for Harambe
  9. : /
  10. I Heart Cheesecake

Highest season-long points leader: No Romo.

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