The New and Improved

 In iMobile3

For those of you who come to our site often, you’ve probably noticed that its gotten quite the facelift. A clean, vibrant look, a number of new informational product and audience pages, new imagery and animations, and a lot more company info.

When our team set out on their mission to architect a new site, there were three very clear goals we wanted to accomplish:

  1. Give our innovative solutions and industry-leading services a unique platform.
  2. Ensure that we had a place (and language) that speaks to all of the different kinds of businesses we work with.
  3. Make sure the site reflects our dedicated, intelligent and energetic staff and the company as a whole.

“Over the past 12 months, iMobile3 has been evolving its product strategy and reaching different types of clients,” said Patrick Turiano, VP of Marketing for iMobile3. “The software platform has evolved into a retention marketplace for business service providers like payment companies, digital marketing agencies and franchise groups. The new site needed to accurately portray our expansive suite of retention and commerce solutions and give us some flexibility as we continue to add to the platform down the road.”

We hope you enjoy browsing the site. Let us know if you have any feedback (good or bad).

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