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iMobile3’s awesome new video has just been released. You can check it out on our homepage and right here on our blog.

The video focuses on what iMobile3 does for our diverse group of clients. Throughout the video, we follow our Chief Operations Officer, Chad Corbitt, and one of our end-users who alternate talking points regarding iMobile3’s product features and the value they provide business owners.

Throughout the video both speakers discuss the power of having digital marketing tools and loyalty applications integrated with their point of sale system. This provides businesses to get a full 360-degree glimpse in to what makes their customers happy, what they’re saying about their business and what is it that keeps them coming back.

Let us know what you think about our video.

Full transcript below:

iMobile3 helps business service providers like payment companies and digital marketing agencies provide software solutions that allow their customers to operate and thrive in a digital world. Our partners combine their own specialized offerings with our digital marketing & commerce platform to help transform businesses.

I couldn’t be happier with the solutions my payments partner was able to provide me. In addition to receiving a modern, multi-functional tablet POS system, there was a number of digital marketing tools integrated with the platform. The first thing I saw was my Digital Brand IQ Score, which allowed me to see how my store was performing across four key areas: Search Listings, Online Reputation, Social Media and Website Analytics.

By combining digital marketing capabilities with an industry-leading tablet point of sale solution, businesses are able to connect their customers with every purchase, identify their most loyal customers, create marketing campaigns and so much more.

We ultimately decided to replace our old POS system because we wanted a solution that went beyond payment acceptance. Being able to reward my most loyal customers was something that is really important to me. The loyalty app, that is also integrated to my POS system, allows me to push offers and rewards to my clients.  

Just imagine a tablet point of sale system that connects a customer to every purchase. Now combine that with the digital marketing tools to analyze customer purchase patterns and communicate with customers.

With all of the functionality I am getting from this one solution, honestly, I don’t know where I’d be without it. My customers can now connect with me through a mobile environment, I have a modern POS system, along with a suite of marketing tools to compete in a digital world.

By consolidating digital marketing, commerce tools, point of sale and your payment services, we’re giving payment providers the opportunity to create retention like they’ve never had before. Expand your service offering with iMobile3, the number one white label platform for selling digital commerce solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

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