36% of U.S. Businesses Now Accept Apple Pay

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Last month, consulting firm, Boston Retail Partners, revealed the findings of a survey of more than 500 North American retailers. The main takeaway – 36% of U.S. merchants now accept Apple Pay. And according to MacRumors.com, that is up 16% from last year.

We’ve written numerous times about the growth of mobile commerce, especially in the last few months. According to recent articles, most of the growth in Apple Pay usage had been directly linked to in-app functionality, but this report shows that merchants are finally embracing the acceptance of these technologies.

At first, it seemed as though merchants were reluctant to buy new terminals and embrace mobile payments. But with the migration to EMV chip cards requiring new terminals (that also happen to be NFC-enabled) and more-and-more consumers asking for and using Apple Pay (either in-app or in other places), it looks like we are right in the middle of the steep incline we normally see in innovation adoption curves. We have consumers demanding it, preferring it and growing accustom to using it. And we have app-developers and now merchants embracing it.

Interesting to see just how much of a norm it becomes. What do you think?


Sources: MacRumors.com and Boston Retail Partners.

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