iPhone 8 Release to be Delayed?

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The month of September is typically the month consumers are used to seeing new iPhone releases. But a recent report in DailyMail.com indicates that this year, the iPhone 8 unveiling may not come till October or November.

Reports of new iPhone delays are not atypical. Almost every year there are similar reports. However, according to the article, this year’s expected delay may carry more weight than usual. And the cause of these expected delays? Apple may be having trouble with two new features: the curved OLED panels and a 3D-sensing front camera.

The OLED panels will be added to provide a 5.8 curved edge-to-edge display. This and the 3D camera are just a couple of the enhancements Apple is bringing to the iPhone. The iPhone 8 will also be equipped with a bezel-less front, wireless charging, virtual Home Button and facial recognition capabilities.

iMobile3 is looking forward to seeing the new iPhone model whenever its released. What about you?

Sources: DailyMail.com and PYMTNS.com

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