ETA TRANSACT: iMobile3 Takeaways

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This year’s TRANSACT Conference was electric. There was so much going on. Hosted by the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), the conference is one of, if not the leading payment industry events of the year. The event is always filled with a great number of speakers, attendees, exhibitors and education sessions, but this year there was an extra buzz at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Here are the three main takeaways iMobile3 had from TRANSACT 2017:

  1. New Blood. The ETA is an established association in the payments industry. They’ve been serving the industry’s interests and numerous business entities for nearly 30 years now, but this year, there seemed to be a bigger focus on start-ups, disruptors and new payment ecosystem entrants. From kiosk areas (zones) supporting smaller companies and new tech, to an organized “Shark Tank” -style Pitch Off for start-ups, there was a concerted effort to promote new blood at this year’s TRANSACT.
  2. Payments are a part of everything these days. We’ve been coming to payment conferences for a very long time. Every year, there are more and more new side industries getting involved in the payments space in a very observable way. In the past, it was tech giants like Google, Samsung and Apple having large booths, but now there are digital marketing companies with booths, info sessions on The Internet of Things, and speakers from all walks of life shaping the show floor and daily agendas.
  3. TRANSACT was a tremendous success for iMobile3. We don’t like to toot our own horn, but TRANSACT was a great show for us. We unveiled our Social Media and Digital Marketing Platform which won an ETA Technology Innovation Award for best Social Media Integration. This same platform also earned us the highest technology-related award for the whole conference – the Technology Innovation Showcase Award for Best Overall Technology. iMobile3 also hosted dozens of meetings, helped a number of partners with their booths and demonstrations, and announced our partnership with Payment Fabric, who was named a finalist for the Pitch-Off competition.

And with that, ETA TRANSACT 2017 is in the books. It was a fantastic conference and we look forward to TRANSACT 2018 next April.

Do you have any additional takeaways from the conference this year? Leave us a comment.

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