7 Tips to Make Social Media Work for Your Business

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Social media is an intriguing marketing channel for any small business owner or entrepreneur. Unlike digital advertising and SEO, its unique in that it is relatively inexpensive and requires little to no experience to get started. However, these advantages can lead to missteps if you’re not prepared to deal with the number of platforms and level of activity required to build an effective social strategy.

Inc.com recently published a fantastic article outlining Five Free Tips to Make Social Media Work for Your Business. We liked the article so much, we had to share it with all of our subscribers. We even added our very own bonus tip. Enjoy.

  1. Figure out which platform works for you. With so many social networking platforms out there, it’s important to invest time and resources into the right platform based on our business offering, goals, and customers’ needs.
  2. Determine where your customers are. Most, if not all, major social media platforms share demographic information with businesses. However, some may require businesses to pay for certain aspects of their platforms to reach the right customers. Do your research.
  3. Make sure you have a plan. Pretty straight forward. Once you commit to using social media, you must determine how often to update, post, and engage on social. You should also determine what kind of content serves each platform best.
  4. Engage with your market. This seems like the most obvious tip, but it’s the most overlooked. It’s not enough to just post things. Engagement with your followers is extremely important, but it does require a commitment.
  5. Use what works. No shame in scoping what your competitors are doing and replicating. This also applies to previous successful campaigns and ideas. Borrowing and re-using ideas is important when dealing with a medium that grows as fast as social does.
  6. Approach it like a business. Executing a successful social media strategy can be time-consuming. It’s important to stay effective, but not to drain your budget or time, so approach your social media like a crucial part of your business and you should be fine.
  7. (iMobile3 Bonus Tip) Use tools to help you manage your strategy. There are a number of social media tools that can help you analyze your activity, track your followers, and schedule and create posts across multiple platforms. Even we here at iMobile3 have a developed a solution for our partners to help their small business customers manage social media.

Social media is a highly effective and relatively inexpensive way to help build your brand. Do you have any success stories with how social media helped your business? We’d love to hear about them – leave us a comment.

Source: Inc.com

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