The War for Voice Assistants is Here

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We’ve blogged about mobile operating system wars, mobile wallet wars, and even POS wars, but there is a new war brewing – the war for your voice.

We all know that Amazon, Google and Apple are trying to own our lives, fighting for shares of our collective preferences for media, mobile and entertainment. iPhone’s introduction of Siri back in 2011 was a huge success and sparked a huge mainstream war for integrated, voice-assisted applications, which now, thanks to Amazon and Google fall into the home electronics category.

When Apple releases its HomePod product in December of this year, it will join the ranks of Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home as voice-automated home assistants. They are great for playing music, setting timers and alarm clocks, factoids, weather updates, etc.; but with this much competition for voice-assistants, where will the big three turn to for market share? The business sector is our guess.

We’ve written about how voice-activated assistants could make their way into retail and hospitality, either at the point of sale or in other business functions. And we believe this will be the next battle in this long war. There are business applications for voice assistants, for both SMBs and enterprise-level businesses. So the real question is who will make that formal move first?

Amazon, Apple and Android (Google) are already mixing and integrating code to one another, allowing for cross-app APIs and third party app development. Will this lead to business use-cases for voice-assisted functions, like inventory recording, order taking, and possibly even payment? The answer is yes and it is probably coming sooner than you think.

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