There’s More to Apple’s Discontinuation of the iPod Than You Think

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We know this post may seem a bit out of left field. What do iPods have to do with point of sale, payments, SMB marketing, mobile applications, or any of the other topics we typically write about on this blog?

Allow us to set the stage. Today, numerous news sites reported that Apple has removed the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle from their website, essentially eliminating them from their product mix. This was not a surprising move by Apple. iPod sales have been falling for a while and smartphones can do everything the iPod can plus a billion other things. And normally these kinds of not-so-surprising announcements wouldn’t make our blog.

However, as a software and tech provider, we think it’s important to keep an eye on trends in the technology world. So, as this article’s title implies, Apple’s discontinuation of the iPod is more than just a prudent business strategy, it’s a sign of the rapid technological innovation we’ve seen in this age of digital products.

Let’s think about this for a second. Sixteen years was the shelf-life of the iPod. That’s it. One of the most recognizable and revolutionary products of a generation had a shelf-life of sixteen years. The iPod will go down as one of the best-case studies of all time. iPod and its corresponding music buying platform, iTunes, revolutionized an entire industry changing the way we all consumed music. And it only lasted 16 years.

Now, Apple still sells the iPod Touch, which basically is an old iPhone without cell service capabilities or a mini version of the iPad mini. And all of the iTunes and old iPod capabilities have been integrated into additional platform and product extensions. We get that. But looking at the end of the iPod in 2017 should have us all thinking about the short-lived impacts of these ground-breaking technologies. The rate of change and innovation is only going to get faster, which means consumers and businesses, alike have to be more adaptable and unattached.


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