Computer Science Week

 In iMobile3

Duval County Schools CTE

In December, iMobile3 employees had the opportunity to volunteer and celebrate Computer Science Week with Duval County middle school and high school students. The Duval County’s Public School Career & Technical Education division held the three-day event at the Museum of Science and History. The coding events were held to introduce students to the basics of computer science and inspire students to get involved in computer programming.

The week kicked off with the Minecraft Hour of Code event, where the students learned the basics of coding in a fun and educational approach. During the ETI Hackathon event, the students were able to build an emergency app that would help humans in the event that aliens try to invade our planet.

The winners were awarded brand new Lenovo laptops and MOSH memberships. The last day was dedicated exclusively to girls, inspiring more women into careers in coding and leaderships roles within the tech industry.

The students were able to hear industry professionals speak about their experience and how they got to where they are today. Our very own Software Developer, Vince Salucci spoke about how he wished he had been exposed to coding at a younger age and about his experience working at iMobile3.

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