iMobile3 Part Of The Seminole 100

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Seminole 100

The Seminole 100, presented by Florida State University, the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship, the FSU Alumni Association and Inc. magazine, honors and celebrates the achievements of top-tier FSU alumni entrepreneurs around the world. The Seminole 100 ranks the fastest-growing, FSU alumni-owned businesses each year, fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in all FSU alumni across our campus.


iMobile3 ranked 27th in the inaugural Seminole 100! It was a group effort by everyone at iMobile3, whose hard work and dedication has helped the company achieve this award!

Seminole 100 companies have been in business for at least three years, are owned by Florida State University alumni and are ranked by a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). CAGR, which is used to determine year-over-year growth over the past three years, is calculated by Inc. magazine, which ensures confidentiality of financial submissions.

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