Advisory Board at AJHS

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AJHS Video Game Design

iMobile3 chairs the video game design advisory board at Andrew Jackson High School. Working with teachers and administrators at the school, Chief Architect Matt Bishop along with iOS and Android developers as well as creative and office staff help the school put together events, shape curriculum, and give time and financial assistance for its programs.

As the school year heads into its final quarter, the advisory board is focusing on what’s needed for courses next year and merging all corporate involvement into a single advisory board, unifying several curriculums.

Most recently, a group from iMobile3 presented in front of approximately 50 students about what the company does today, its history and, how younger people interested in computing and development can get started. The group spoke for over two hours and students were deeply engaged on how entrepreneurship and personal drive created iMobile3 and how they could do the same with their passions.

iMobile3 will also be visiting Kirby Smith Middle School, another school where we help shape curriculum and provide assistance, in early April to present a similar program and get the students excited about coding. The eventual goal with all this outreach is to better from a continuation of curriculum from middle school through high school and into colleges/universities, where iMobile3 has worked in the past- the iMobile3 Lab at the University of North Florida opened in 2016.

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