Our Story

Since its founding in 2009, iMobile3 has established itself as the go-to provider for customizable software products and enterprise-level professional services to the payments industry.

We’ve come pretty far

As the mobile industry has evolved, so has our company. App store concepts have not only changed consumer-driven technology, it has also changed the game for commerce-driven software.

Mobile Industry & Company Timeline

June 2007

iMobile3 Timeline Event - June 2007 - Apple iPhone Released

Apple iPhone Released

Apple revolutionized the mobile market with the release of the iPhone.

September 2009

iMobile3 Timeline - September 2009 - Company Founded

Company Founded

iMobile3 founded by Bob Leonard, Brian Gentry and Matt Bishop in Jacksonville, FL.

January 2011

iMobile3 Timeline - January 2011 - Ingenico Partnership

Ingenico Partnership

Our relationship with Ingenico and their clients served as our introduction to the payments space.

December 2011

iMobile3 Timeline - December 2011 - Mobile Commerce Milestone

Mobile Commerce Milestone

Over $100 Million in mobile commerce earned through the our payment applications.

June 2012

iMobile3 Timeline - June 2012 - Apple Passbook Released

Apple Passbook Released

Passbook, now referred to as Wallet, allowed users to store coupons, boarding passes, event tickets, and store cards.

January 2013

iMobile3 Timeline - January 2013 - Loop Pay & the Loop Wallet

Loop Pay & the Loop Wallet

iMobile3 worked extensively with Loop Pay on their Wallet application, which went on to become the cornerstone of Samsung Pay.

December 2013

iMobile3 Timeline - December 2013 - PassMarket Released

PassMarket Released

With the rise of storefront mobile applications, PassMarket helped both SMBs and large multi-location franchises establish a digital loyalty presence.

October 2014

iMobile3 Timeline - October 2014 - Apple Pay Launch Partner

Apple Pay Launch Partner

iMobile3 mentioned in Apple Pay announcement as Day One partner with our application integration.

June 2015

iMobile3 Timeline - June 2015 - POS Released

POS Released

iMobile3 POS officially becomes the top white labeled POS platform in the industry.

August 2015

iMobile3 Timeline - August 2015 - Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay

Signaling of another tech giant entering the mobile wallet application space.

September 2015

iMobile3 Timeline - September 2015 - Android Pay

Android Pay

Google Wallet goes night, night. Enter Android Pay, Google’s new and improved wallet application.

October 2016

iMobile3 Timeline - October 2016 - Digital Marketing Released

Digital Marketing Released

iMobile3 launches Digital Marketing platform aimed at helping SMBs manage their marketing objectives to help drive new revenue.

May 2017

ETA Best Overall Tech Innovation Award

iMobile3’s innovative Marketplace solutions recognized as best innovation at 2017 ETA Transact Conference.

June 2017

Marketplace Launch

iMobile3 launches its Marketplace platform bringing together point of sale management, digital marketing, advanced reporting, and merchant account tools in one cohesive, custom-branded merchant portal and mobile app for its clients.

February 2018

Seminole 100

iMobile3 was honored by The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship at FSU’s College of Business, the FSU Alumni and EY as being one of the 100 fastest-growing FSU alumni-owned businesses.

June 2018

TSYS Acquisition

TSYS announces the acquisition of iMobile3 on June 7, 2018. With the help of iMobile3’s solutions and products, TSYS leads the charge in becoming the leading player in SMB payments solutions in the United States.

January 2019

Vital Launch

The Vital suite is released to the public on January 10, 2019 with a goal of selling 50,000 units in 2019.