VIP Mobile App

Boost engagement and drive new revenue by placing the power of business intelligence in the palms of your merchants’ hands.

Business Intelligence On-The-Go

iMobile3’s white-labeled merchant app increases engagement, showcases usage and vital data all while generating new revenue. This is achieved by providing the data most important to your merchants, right on their smart phones, available anywhere.

iMobile3 Increase Merchant Engagement

Increase Portfolio Engagement

iMobile3 Strengthen Merchant Relationships

Strengthen Merchant Relationships

iMobile3 Increase Brand Awareness

Improve Brand Awareness

iMobile3 Reduce Attrition

Reduce Attrition

iMobile3 Lower Call Center Burden

Lower Call Center Burden

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Real-time Marketing Alerts

Get more out of your merchant portal

iMobile3 works with their partners’ to curate and customize their merchant data. We surround basic merchant account information with value-added tools like digital marketing applications and analytics.

Merchants care about their financials, but research shows they only access their merchant portal a couple times a month. Why the disconnect? Maybe its because you don’t have the VIP Mobile App. Speak to a Product Specialist today to learn more.